Human Resources Consulting

Are you an employer - perhaps a startup?  Are you wondering when is the right time to develop a human resources function is?  If so, please read on...

When should I begin to develop an HR function in my company?  If I have a small company, why do I care about an HR Foundation?

I was recently asked the above questions and would like to share my answer with you.

Human Resources is a crucial part to any organization.  It’s not just payroll, or the person to call when there is a problem.  When an organization incorporates a proper HR foundation into their culture they are saying they care.  They care about their employees, and the environment in which they work.  Demonstrating a proactive HR image will decrease the chance of employer liability, low morale and turnover.  It affects your unemployment rate, payroll costs, productions output, benefit costs and all the areas that affected when you have employees.

Starting and operating a small business can be very daunting.  Add to that the day-to-day management of the human resources aspect of the small business and things can quickly get out of hand. 

Human resources management is a difficult task for businesses of all sizes, but especially for small business, and can prove to be extremely costly.  There is also a great risk for very expensive lawsuits if the human resources department is not managed properly.  It is always best to begin building an HR function in your company right from the start – especially if you are planning to grow.  I recommend consulting with an HR professional, such as Hye Class Talent & HR Consulting to determine what your initial needs may be.  When you have around 8 – 10 employees it is recommended to bring an HR Consultant on board for a few hours per week to help and guide your management team.  It is best to be proactive vs reactive.

Whether your business is new or well established you face many risks, complications, and changes in the world of business. There are numerous possible legal problems that need to be foreseen.  We will work with you and your management team to identify the company’s needs and objectives.  We will in turn apply our expertise to design HR systems that are customized to your company’s culture, your voice and ensure that management’s desired outcomes / expectations are achieved; we will be your partner each step of the way.Do you have any questions we can answer for you?   If so, please do not hesitate to contact us